We are committed to prayer and worship, encouraging one another in love and service, and growing in the understanding and application of God’s Word in our lives in order to glorify God – this is the foundation of our beliefs and is reflected in how we minister to kids, students, and adults.

Community Groups

We believe that our relationship with God is enriched when we share our lives with others in groups!  Join a Community Group today and experience the many things God has for you when you share your life with others.


We consider it a privilege to partner with families to grow kids in faith and character. Our desire is for children to hear and understand the good news of Jesus Christ, to trust Him as their Savior and to learn to live joyful lives that honor Him. Learn more…


Our goal is for students to know Christ, to have a community where they are fully known and fully loved, and to together share the good news of Christ with the lost and be disciple makers. Learn more…

Special Needs

So that the most vulnerable and unreached people group in Folsom and the world will become disciples of Christ and make disciples of Christ (Luke 14)

Learn more…