First, our relationship with Christ himself and second with the people God has placed in our life here and all across the globe. The way that this plays out within our church community is by being engaged in the greater community – by loving our neighbors.

As our love for God grows, so does our compassion and love for the people around us…they often become Our Favorite People! 

They’re the parents of your kids’ soccer team, the coworker that’s going through a messy divorce, or the neighbor who’s just looking for a place to belong. The compassion we have for those around us is inspired by the people who have had compassion on us; those who have walked with us through tough times, invested their hearts and lives in us, and those who have called us up and out to live by faith.

…those who God has opened the door to share your life with. It’s a time to gather together, share a meal, and ask God to lead us in how to to intentionally, strategically, and compassionately share the love of Christ. For we believe that to live out the Great Commission to “go and make disciples” is life’s greatest adventure that we get to share together.

Sign up for a dinner party!

September 16th - 5:30 pm

Hosts: Paul and Stef Spangler

September 18th - 5 pm

Hosts: Tim and Susan Crummett

September 24th - 6 pm (No kids, please!)

Hosts: Tim and LeAnn Hall

September 25th - 5:30 pm

Hosts: Clark and Lisa Crebar

September 26th - 6 pm

Hosts: Paul and Susanna Fong

September 30th - 6 pm

Hosts: Ann Bali

Details Coming Soon!