the letters to Timothy

“…set an example for the believers” 1 Timothy 4:12

The first of Paul’s final series of letters—which along with 2 Timothy and Titus are called the Pastoral Epistles—1 Timothy offers practical and pastoral advice from the aging apostle Paul to a young pastor named Timothy working in the church at Ephesus. More than a decade prior to writing this letter, Paul had first met Timothy in the city of Lystra—in Asia Minor—where Timothy was known and respected by the Christians (Acts 16:1–4). Upon recognizing Timothy’s impressive qualities, Paul recruited the young man to travel with him as he continued his second missionary journey. The presence of Timothy would have met an important need for Paul, their friendship coming on the heels of Paul’s split with his close friend and partner in missions, Barnabas (15:36–41). [read more here]

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Application Questions

Pray: Thank God for his mercy. Praise Him for the mercy He has shown you specifically. Reflect on the eternal side of your calling in Christ. Pray and seek God for His divine purpose for your life.

Ask yourself: Who is someone who has loved me the way Paul loved Timothy? What impact have they had on my life and how can I reach out and love someone in the same way?

Discuss: What example are we to set before believers? What does leadership look like for each and every person in the church?