Your final challenge: be a host and share your story.


The ultimate goal of the Table Experience is to see our church desire–and seek opportunities–to share the good news of the gospel through their stories.  He was at work in our lives long before we came to know Him personally and the same is true of the people we love who have yet to turn to Him…praise The Lord!  Isn’t that something worth sharing?!

Now, being a host has nothing to do with sign-up forms and church endorsements. Rather, a host is an initiator. A host is a gatherer. And a host cares for those they’ve surrounded themselves with.  Most importantly, hosts know that prayer and care are involved every step of the way. As you survey the relationships in your life, who do you see sitting around a table with you? Who do you see yourself sharing your story with? Be as formal or informal as your schedule permits – don’t worry about dusting off the fancy china. God has strategically placed you in the lives of others to bring Him glory as we bear witness to a life transformed by Christ!

So that’s it in a nutshell, folks. Now go out, be a host, share your story, and may God receive all the glory!



One last thing…

What’s been your takeaway from The Table Experience? As we wrap up the Table Shared, we are humbled by the countless ways that God worked in and through His people in ways seen and unseen! We would love to hear stories of how God has worked in our church body! Comment below and share some of the ways that God challenged you, spoke to you, and worked through you over the last month!

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