The problem: The village is a small village of about 10,000 people that has no church and no way for the people to hear the gospel. It is for all intents and purposes, completely unreached. On the outskirts of this town is a part of the town that is host to the CSW (commercial sex worker) area. It is basically the red light district of town in which entire families are bound in the chains of the trade. Women act as prostitutes from age 10-25 and sometimes younger. There are no fathers in the village and the sons become a part of the trade as well. Some act as pimps and others are used in the trade as well. It was this area that God led us to try to start a church. It was in this village that pastor Clark had the privilege of sharing the gospel and seeing an entire family come to the Lord.

What we are doing: The Lord has opened doors for us to work with an Indian national missions organization to send national missionaries to this village to plant a church. The beginning of this work involves building a Community Action Center (think of it as a church building) that will be used to host after school programs and other events. The missionaries have identified 50 children in this area that will be participating in their program. Our monthly support sponsors these children to be a part of a program that will share the gospel with them and their families. The children will get a uniform, a meal, a Bible lesson and education each day. The children who have never known a hope or a world outside of the sex trafficking one that they are emerged in each day will have a chance to hear the life changing power of the Gospel. As a church, we are sponsoring and praying for God to work in each of these children’s lives. It is our hope that the power of Christ to change and redeem a life will be testimony to the greatness of our God. The children who come to the program will be Christ’s ambassadors into this dark world.

So where are we at? Thanks to God and His generous people all 50 kids are currently sponsored to go to our program. Our Missionaries have been selected and trained and I encourage everyone to lift them up in prayer every day. They are our hands and feet in India and they NEED our prayers to succeed. Our missionaries are key figures in reaching the 52 CSW villages that we are hoping and praying to plant churches in. Please pray for them. Pray for the children, pray for the lost in these villages, pray for our missionaries, pray for the Lord to move mountains and display His glory by transforming lives.

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All for Christ,

Paul Fong, Elder of Missions