What is AWANA?

Awana is a world-wide nonprofit ministry focused on providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship programs for ages 2-18. As the global leader in child and youth discipleship, Awana gives children the opportunity to know, love and serve Jesus, no matter their background.


6:30 pm – 7:45 pm


3 – 5 years old

Cubbies celebrates the spiritual potential of preschoolers (3- to 5-year olds) by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. Cubbies meet on Thursdays from 6:30-7:45 pm


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


K – 2nd grade

Sparks ignites the curiosity of early elementary-age kids to learn about the people and events of the Bible, building a foundation of wisdom for knowing Christ. Sparks meet on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 pm


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm


3rd – 6th grade

The T&T (Truth & Training) curriculum teaches kids the truth of God’s Word, trains them to follow Him and practice His grace. T&T meet on Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 pm

Parent Resources

We’re excited to have your child be a part of our AWANA club! AWANA presents a wonderful opportunity for each child to grow as a person as well as in his or her relationship to God and with others.

We encourage all parents to visit one of our club nights to meet our leaders, see how your child engages with our program!

We ask that all parents:

  • help their child with their memorization and handbook activities
  • encourage them to arrive each week at 6:30 pm sharp so they do not miss out on anything!
  • celebrate their achievements

Please communicate with us about any special needs your child may have or if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does registration cost?


$51 – 1st child

$46 – 2nd child

$138 – Maximum per family

One handbook is included in the registration fee.


$13.00 – Cubbie Vest

$13.00 – Sparks Vest

$19.00  T&T Jersey (3rd-6th grade)

Can my child wear their uniform from last year?

Yes, as long as your child is still in the same club (Cubbies, Sparks, or T&T) as the year before. Each club has a different uniform, and it is worn for 2 or 3 years. You will need to purchase a new uniform if they are graduating into the next club.

Is there a dress code?

Clubbers must be in uniform in order to receive their awards. The AWANA uniform is a vital part of the Club program.  It promotes pride in the Club, helps children to feel part of the Club, and is the place where all awards are displayed.

Closed-toed tennis shoes are required to participate in Game Time. Those wearing open-toed footwear will unfortunately not be allowed to participate during game time. Additionally, all clubbers are encouraged to wear long pants to prevent scraped knees.

Where do I drop by child off and pick them up at?

All check-in stations are located in the Family Center (600 Persifer St.)

  • Cubbies check-in is located in the Lower Family Center (rooms 5 & 6)
  • Sparks and T&T check-in is located in the Upper Family Center.

Cubbies and Sparks must stay in their rooms at the end of Club until they are picked up by a parent or designated adult.

I need help with registration costs

While costs are kept as low as possible, we recognize that the AWANA program can be expensive for some families. We don’t want any child to be turned away because of money. Payment plans and scholarships are available.  For confidential information or assistance, please contact Dave Sonalia, Children’s Pastor, at 985-4536 ext.102.

Got questions?

E-mail Kathleen Crouter at kcrouter@cbcfolsom.com

Parent Resources